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0xUniverse Conquer the blockchain-based galaxy [Updated] (2020)✅

? 0xUniverse Conquer the blockchain-based galaxy Free game

0xUniverse is a blockchain space strategy where you build spacecraft, launch exploratory efforts, find new worlds and trade with other discoverers.

Extract resources, carry out ship research and discover Legendary worlds in the remotest corners of the universe to unravel its mysteries!

Gameplay features:

– You get to invent spaceships and search out new planets in a vast galaxy. The planets are blockchain tokens of different rarity with market-defined value set by players.
– Interact with other players in the market. Get a chance to earn ETH by engaging in purchasing and selling various worlds at the in-game Auction.
– Watch your planets get populated. Owning any CryptoKitties, Blockchain Cuties or Axie Infinity assets turns your planets into inhabitable homes for these lively creatures in the immensity of 0xUniverse.
– Socialize and join Corporations! Together you can dominate other sectors and become the best galaxy business: own parts of corporations, vote for new corporate leaders, decide upon important issues and trade your shares with other space entrepreneurs.

…and get ready for the Wars yet to come!

PLEASE NOTE: 0xUniverse is free to download. However, you need to invest into purchasing at least 1 planet (NFT blockchain asset) to start playing. A single planet can be bought at a low price at the Auction from other players or you can choose to get one of the planet bundle packages in the Hypermarket.

The game supports the Metamask wallet if you play on desktop and Arkane wallet if you play on your mobile device. Please keep in mind that if you don’t have a crypto wallet you can use Arkane – a wallet will be created for you for free.

You can ask any questions and find all the guides in our friendly Discord community:

0xUniverse 3.5.6 Update

Say HELLO to intergalactic travel!.

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