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Annie’s journey: Hidden Object Adventure ?[Updated] (2020)✅

? Annie’s journey:Hidden Object Adventure ? Free game

A hidden object game for story lovers everywhere,but prepare your self,this story is unlike any other!

Petrified Grandma Emma
Emma is a kind old lady who is suddenly transformed into a stone figure by a mysterious force. Is it dark magic? Or the curse of the Grimoire?

Magic academy admission letter
Annie received the admission letter of the Magic Academy.So she came to the famous wizard holy-land: the Greenward Magic Academy.After asking, Annie found that the admission letter was false!! Annie takes the night to sneak into the academy, all kinds of strange things follow, petrified teacher, talking soul, even an elf watching your eye.

The black talking cat
Grandma Emma’s black cat could suddenly speak, guide you to find out the truth of the Academy, help Annie get the memory of Daniel’s soul, tell you the origin of the magic book.

A mysterious chess game
The chess game in the mysterious room seems to be controlled by a powerful spell that always attracts magical practitioners, but none of the surrounding residents want to talk about the game or even dare to visit the mysterious room.

In order to save her petrified grandmother, Annie had to complete a dangerous mission to explore the ancient castle, study strange magic symbols, and fight with the black cat, Phina, thoroughly uncover the many secrets of the magic book.

While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game.

● Over 900 quests to complete
● 168 collections to piece together
● 20 eerie locations to search
● 5 mini-games to enjoy
● Over 13 finding pattern to use
● Play with your friends!

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