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ATV Quad Bike Simulator 2020: Bike Taxi Games [Updated] ✅

? ATV Quad Bike Simulator 2020: Bike Taxi Games Free game

ATV Quad City Bike Simulator 2020: Bike Taxi Games ?️

Have you wondered how an ATV quad bike can be used as a taxi to take passengers from one place to another? If yes then your thoughts are going to become a reality in this trailmakers atv games. Sit on power wheels and enjoy cool stuffs in seattle traffic in these amazing atv games. This game is surely going to make you forget other driving games as this game has some interesting and fun twists. You are going to help passengers to travel to different places by using your slot car by acting as a taxi driver. Your speed star ATV will help you in reaching the passengers quickly. You can perform stunts while traveling by jumping from high rise rooftops. The trailmakers in this game all are high speed star power wheels with cool stuffs that will indulge you in this game forever.

The graphics of this game are superb. Your can choose from a variety of speed star power wheels to provide taxi services to passengers. Cross through heavy seattle traffic in your slot car and reach the drop off point as quick as possible. This game provides you with a cool stuffs and vast dynamic city environment where you can enjoy driving your speed star power wheels. Apart from driving passengers, you will be given different tasks to perform like jumping off the rooftops and performing some cool stuffs stunts in your slot car. You can also use high rise buildings to avoid getting stuck in seattle traffic. Being stuck means you are going to be late. Passengers will not be happy if you are late or you crash your ATV quad bike in other vehicles. Your dream to drive hyper trailmakers and speed star slot car is going to be a reality in this amazing power wheels atv games.

This game is equally designed for all the ages. The controls are easy to understand. Press the right paddle to speed up your slot car and press left paddle to stop or reverse your speed star power wheels. To make successful rooftop stunts, use NOS to increase the torque of your trailmakers quad bike. You can also use this when traveling between seattle traffic rush roads.

The spots for pick up and drop off are illuminated as you go near them. Park your quad slot car on the spot and wait for the passenger to hop on your bike. Drive responsibly and look out for sharp turns as they might flip your quad trailmakers if you are in high speed. The dynamic city built in this game is to ensure smooth and comfortable gameplay for you. The seattle traffic is the most realistic traffic you will ever experience in any game. The time to drop the passenger to the destination is limited. You have to be quick in reaching the stop or you will not receive any extra bonus. The atv games you have played are mostly monotonous with off road style gameplay. This game will provide you with cool stuffs like city drive and off road drive.

The physics used in this game is outstanding and realistic in any sense. Your trailmakers will move according to the bumps and turns in different roads. If you hit any car in seattle traffic, your quad bike will endure damage similar to any real vehicle. This is not present in most of atv games.

Passengers are waiting for you. Pick them up, enjoy city driving environment, drop them off, and perform other cool stuffs like rooftop stunts in this amazing ATV Quad City Bike Simulator 2020: Bike Taxi Games

ATV Quad City Bike Simulator 2020: Bike Taxi Games Features

?️ Challenging Quad Bike Taxi driving games tasks.
?️ Realistic HD graphics and engaging sound effects.
?️ Different auto to choose from.
?️ Heavy traffic scenarios.
?️ Amazing rooftop stunts.

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