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Block Puzzle Jewels Legend

The description of Block Puzzle Jewels

The dwarves who live in the jungle love sparkling gems. In order to get more gems, they are greedy. Look, they took the explosives and headed for the mine. Let’s also help them, put as many gems as possible into their pockets. In the dictionary of this group of creatures, there is no such thing as “cannot put down”.

Block Puzzle Jewels Legend is a classic square puzzle puzzle elimination game, which is a game of pictures, animations, music, sound effects, operability and artistry. Suitable for people of all ages, from young children to adults.

[How to play] Place the three gems tiles that appear in each round into the box. When a row or a row of gems are placed horizontally or vertically, the gems are eliminated and scored. Continuous elimination of gems can gain a score bonus.
Try to connect the tiles in a way that doesn’t have spaces, eliminating as many gems as possible, so that the new round of gems can’t fit into the dwarf’s “pocket.”

[Game Features] Casual puzzle, suitable for all ages.
Free games, unlimited play.
The style is gorgeous and the special effects are dazzling.
The game is poisonous, you can’t stop it, you can’t stop it.
Light game, easy and easy to use, double the record.
Anytime, anywhere, want to play, play, sleep, eliminate gems! Line up, take the car, eliminate the gems!
It is suitable for children to develop their brains from the direction of mathematics, logic and graphic recognition, and to teach young children.

Invite your friends to challenge the limits together to see who has a higher score!

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Block Puzzle Jewels 1.0.8 Update

1. Bug Fixed.



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