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Bounty Hunter Space Lizard

Free Android game Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is the tale of a despondent lizard living in a van, whose lover left, and whose spacesuit sprang a leak. Obviously, said reptile then had an epiphany: the only way to ‘feel alive’ is to be a bounty hunter!

It’s not a recommendation TechRadar would make (perhaps get a gym membership, or take up an instrument), but it does provide the backstory for a fun and surprisingly deep turn-based strategy title.

Across 20 levels you carefully move your lizard, mercilessly cutting down targets, and try to avoid getting horribly killed yourself. The game keeps shaking things up, shifting from clockwork stealth to a chess take on Bomberman. Reaching the ending is a rewarding experience – albeit one you likely won’t have for quite some time. It turns out being a bounty hunter is tough!

Play the most dangerous game! You are a space lizard, despondent, on the cusp of a new awakening. Journey through 20 levels over four stages in this turn-based strategy game focusing on tactical movement around small maps.

* Continual saving, can be put down and picked back up any time.
* Turn-based.
* Tactical puzzle-strategy on small maps.
* 20 levels, with story and an ending.
* Two skill paths.
* Portrait orientation for stealth playing.


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