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Candy Crush Saga play online

Candy Crush Saga is a sweet and charming puzzle game, which contains some relevant social information. Each player should match the different types of candies, and create a connection for them, then they will disappear. The whole game contains up to more than 200 levels to open a new candy adventure for every player.
The game is very simple and easy to play and to get started, but to achieve the master level still has a considerable difficulty. Because in the game you need to focus on how to move the different color of candies, and connect them together to achieve the purpose of disappearing.
Candy Crush Saga offers a variety of different game modes. The general model is the most representative one, which contains hundreds of different game levels. You need to pass all the levels in order to proceed to the next step. In any case, you could explore a mysterious journey in the world full of jelly, candy and other sweets.
The game is based on the theme of candy, the basic rule is eliminating candies that line in three to five. To get higher scores in the game, you need to put the same kind candies together and then detonating them, the effects will be different. The hurdles of game will be unlocked one by one, and every fifteen levels passed you could invite Facebook friends to unlock a longer trip. The first twenty hurdles will be unlocked directly, however, it need train tickets (sometimes the boat ticket, or airline ticket) after 35th levels.

What do I need to do?

To beat this level, you have to collect orders. To do so, you have to complete two smaller goals. Each of these goals is easy to achieve on their own, but it gets a little trickier to clear them both at the same time.

First, you have to clear 75 pieces of Layered Frosting. And on top of that, you need to clear three regular yellow candies – all of it, before you run out of turns!

Having a good understanding of how the Frosting and the Lucky Candy works will help you decide which strategy you should follow to clear the objective.

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