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Farmville 2 Free Baby Bottle & Water & Energy & Power & Fertilizer Pack > Free Gifts

Farmville 2 FREE gifts for the Crafting workshop or ? the Crafting Kitchen for you, They are 20 power, give it good use and prepare what you want with them. Remember that you can receive this free Farmville 2 gift once a day, so come back tomorrow to get more.

Power is a consumable in FarmVille 2. It is used in the Kitchen, Crafting Kiln and Workshop in order to create recipes.

You have a maximum capacity of 30. Each finished recipe in any of those three buildings cost Power 1 Power. Regenerating Power 1 Power costs Clock 4 minutes. You can also get 10 power from a Furnace which regenerates in Clock 23 hours.

If you are looking for water, fuel, certificates, fertilize, pepper, salt, botlles and for all requests for your farmville2 , follow us ❤
We want to gift you with some Special

Farmville 2 Free Speed Grow & Super Feed & Water and Baby Bottle Pack( For All Farmers )

Click on the images below to obtain them!

Click on the images below to obtain them!

armville 2 Free Fertilizer


Farmville 2 Free Power


Farmville 2 Free Energy Pack



Farmville 2 Free Baby Bottle


Farmville 2 Water


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