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Farmville 2 Free Super Feed Pack ( Free Gift )

0This is farmville 2 super feed page. Super feed is a upgrade version of normal feed. Super feed is sometimes known as speed feed. Player can use super feed anytime. Animal does not to be hungry to feed super feed. And the best part about super feed is that player get three times product reward then normal time (Note: this does not effect the normal feed timeline). You can turn your animal to prized animal by using this method.

How to get Super Feed Pack Farmville 2:

Now we can see that super feed is very useful in game but how you actually get super feed in the game. Here are few steps on how to get super feed in game. First, feed mil can be upgraded to produce super feed after a certain level. You will need 80 feed for 1 super feed, 240 for 3 and 400 for 5 super feed (Please note that after producing super feed player needs to wait 24 hour to produce more). Second, when player receive ribbon for any kind of animal marie will so show up to reward player with super feed. super feed quantity will depend on the ribbon level. The higher ribbon will get player more super feed. Third, some mission give super feed as reward on completing. Player can always buy super feed with farm bucks. Finally you can collect free super feed form this page bellow.

We would like to say that this gift is not from zynga. In other word this is not farmville 2 official gift. The gifts you see bellow can expire any time so you need to be early to get the gift. I recommend to visit the page often cause we update gift everyday. If the gift expire then mention the moderators or come back tomorrow early. Good luck and happy farming as always.


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