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Farmville 2 Free Water Pack ( Free Gift )

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This is Farmville 2 Free water page. In this page you will get Farmville 2 Free water link. Water is very important for progressing this game. Without water you cannot plant anything or level up in the game. So this page will help you get extra free water which will help you in the Farmville 2 game. The free water you will get from here will add to you inventory atomically which you can use it anytime you want. This will really help you in the game.

How to get water in game
There are many ways to get water in the game. In Farmville 2 water will recharge itself by one unit in every 3 minute. If you want more water then you have to build Water well. You can get 10 water from every 3 hour from the water well (Please remember that you need to expand your area with the secret well). Once you unlocked it you can build the water well. Another way to get water is to visit neighbors and finish some of their work. Then you will get one unit of free water. It has limitation to every day though. Finally you can buy water with real money. You can buy 10 water for 5 farm bucks.
Bellow you will find some water image and from there you can get free water. (Just click on the water image). Please understand that these are not official zynga gift so it can expire. Only faster user will get the gifts. So what can you do if the gifts expire when you get here? Two things, number one you can mention the admins or you can come back some times later. Because we update the expire gift link as soon as possible. So Don’t be late click on the image claim your free gifts and start playing the game. Happy farming All.

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Click on the images below to obtain them!

By using Speed-Grow, you can get crops to a higher mastery level more quickly. Note that certain crops (usually fast crops like Radish or Rye) require over 4,000 seeds to be harvested before you are granted a blue, or even a red ribbon.

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