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Fv2 Free Get 100,000 Coins, 1 Fertilize and 2 Power Time Certificates an 15 June, 2021

Hi farmers, ready to fertilize all your harvest, if you do not know, with the cerfiticados of harvest you can save many fertilizers and fertilize everything with an only click, so today Jun 15, 2021 we bring you completely free “Fertilize All Certificate” so you can use them in your game favorite Farmville 2.

Below are FarmVille 2 links that are generated for you, these links each contain 10,000 coins, 1 Fertilize and 2 Power Time Certificates so you can use them on your farm.

In total you have 100,000 coins completely free for you, today Jun 15, 2021, but remember that you can only get it 1 times for link.

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PS: Note that these gifts are subject to be removed at any time.


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