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Farmville 2 FREE gifts for the Crafting workshop or the Crafting Kitchen for you,  They are 20 power, give it good use and prepare what you want with them. Remember that you can receive this free Farmville 2 gift once a day, so come back tomorrow to get more.

Power is a consumable in FarmVille 2. It is used in the Kitchen, Crafting Kiln and Workshop in order to create recipes.

You have a maximum capacity of 30. Each finished recipe in any of those three buildings cost Power 1 Power. Regenerating Power 1 Power costs Clock 4 minutes. You can also get 10 power from a Furnace which regenerates in Clock 23 hours.

If you are looking for water, fuel, certificates, fertilize, pepper, salt, bottles and for all requests for your farmville2 , follow us ❤
We want to gift you with some Special 

Farmville 2 Free Baby Bottle & Water & Energy & Power & Fertilizer Pack ( For All Farmers )

Click on the images below to obtain them!

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NOTE: There is daily gift limit from zynga. You can accept 30 gifts in 12 hour. After 12 hours this limit will be renew automatically. Also check your inventory space before claiming anything.

Click on the images below to obtain them!

Farmville 2 Free Fertilize


Farmville 2 Free Power 

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