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FV2 Free Speed Grow & Water Pack (FREE GIFTS)

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Farmville 2 will have you taking care of a farm as you tend to crops, animals and different structure. One of the most important parts of the game is your water supply.

It’s how you water you crops and trees, after all!!

You won’t be able to have any crops to sell or make into feed if you don’t water seed and saplings you plant first. 

Water will recharge by itself, by one unit, every three minutes. If you want to expedite this, though, there are a number of things that give you it, too. If you visit your neighbours for example (found along button of the screen) and perform some actions on their farm, you will get experience and one unit. Another way to get water is by finishing construction on the family well ( you’ll need to expand to the area with the secret well, first).

Once you finish building it, you will be able to get 10 units of water every three hours. And also, leveling up will give you a plethora of water, as well.

Finally, you can forego all of these methods and purchase water units for farm bucks, which are purchased with real world money.

Ten water units go for five farm bucks, 30 for 13 bucks, and 50 for 20 farm bucks.

Speed-Grow Speed-Grow instantly finishes growth time of a crop or a tree so you don’t have to wait for hours to harvest them. To instantly ready a grove for harvesting requires up to 4 Speed-Grow.

By using Speed-Grow, you can get crops to a higher mastery level more quickly.Note that certain crops (usually fast crops like Radish or Rye) require over 4,000 seeds to be harvested before you are granted a blue, or even a red ribbon.

How do you get it? You can loot 1 Speed-Grow while gathering Fertilizer from a Fertilizer Bin. The chance to get one this way is 25%.

Some quests grant you Speed-Grow.

Like all consumables, you can also buy Speed Grow for Farm Bucks Farm Bucks. Prices for each pack is shown below:

Speed-Grow Speed-Grow    Speedgrow12 Pack

Farm Bucks 3 Farm Bucks

Speedgrow110 Pack

Farm Bucks 10 Farm Bucks

Speed-Grow Speed-Grow

Speedgrow 12 Pack

Farm Bucks 3 Farm Bucks

Speedgrow110 Pack

Farm Bucks 10 Farm Bucks

Speedgrow225 Pack

Farm Bucks 20 Farm Bucks

Speedgrow240 Pack

Farm Bucks 30 Farm Bucks

Speedgrow250 Pack

Farm Bucks 35 Farm Bucks 

Speedgrow2100 Pack

Farm Bucks 60 Farm Bucks

Speed-grow Bank?

Farm Bucks 50 Farm Bucks

So now that you know hot to get more, get out there and start planting !

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Happy farming ❤❤❤

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