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Farmville 2 Speed Grow & water & Super Feed & Baby Bottle Pack (FREE GIFTS)

If you are looking items for your farm ( water, baby bottles, speed grow, super feed, power, energy, black pepper, salt etc.) you can follow our facebook pages and our websites. 

Farmville 2 will have you taking care of a farm as you tend to crops, animals and different structure. One of the most important parts of the game is your water supply.

It’s how you water you crops and trees, after all!!

You won’t be able to have any crops to sell or make into feed if you don’t water seed and saplings you plant first.

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We want to gift you some speed grow, super feed, gold prize shovel, baby bottle and water packs ❤❤

Happy farming ❤❤❤

Click on the images below to obtain them!



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