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Coin Master Free Spins and Coins 4 Abril 2024 (Updated Daily)

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Today Coin Master Free Spins And Coins Links

Collect Now 

So, here are Latest Free SPINS and COINS links Rewards. Collect today’s coin master free spins in 2024.


Above all listed links are common and available at many places/websites, if you already used it from other sources and click the same link in here it will not work for you( it may also not work due to some other temporary issues). Some links expired after some days, we remove such links from time to time, but it may possible some expired links exist in the list and it will not work for you and shows expired link message

Other ways to get free spins and coins

If you have already redeemed the links above, you can apply them to get free spins and coins!

You can gift each other

You and your friends can gift free spins and coins daily, this way you will not lose your personal tournaments, as you can receive and send 100 spins in total.

Invite your friends on Facebook

You will get 40 free spins to invite every facebook friend. In order to get free courses, your friends must accept the invitation, download the game and log into their Facebook account, it is a great opportunity to get free courses if you have a lot of friends on Facebook.

Last but not least

You will get 5 spins for every hour you play, for a total of 50 Free Spins. You will have to wait ten hours for all possible courses.

What is Coin Master?

Casual games on mobile are very popular because you might already know that Candy Crush is the fourth most downloaded app on mobile phones. If you are someone who loves to play games on mobile devices, I am sure you may already know or have heard of Coin Master once. If not there, I will give you a brief introduction about this game, how to play, and what are the reasons behind its popularity.

Coin Master is a casual, single-player mobile game developed by Israeli game development studio Moon Active. When you look at the best downloaded apps of 2019 on the Apple App Store there, you will most likely see this game. According to the company report, this game had more than 80 million downloads in October 2019 on the App Store after some social media apps.

The developers of this game say that most of the game users are from the United Kingdom, while the second country in which this game is played is Germany. These countries offer the most downloads for this game while the rest of the users come from around the world. Some users may wonder what makes this game so special and why users download it and store your horses; We’ll let you know.

You might not have heard of this game before, but I remember that this game is about a decade old. Of course, that wasn’t popular at the time of release, but the company released this video again. So, Coin Master has captured the attention of users and gained many shares and likes on the social media platform, and I think this is due to its unique gameplay.

The main objective

Every game released for any platform comes with the main goal of advancing the game’s story. There are some tasks to do in the hyper casual games that you must do to complete the level. The main objective of this game is to rotate the slot machines, and it uses some gambling mechanisms, but you will see this game in the “Adventure” category on the App Store.

Village building is another thing you have to do in the game, and the bonuses earned from the slots will help you do so. Users have to try their luck in the game, and can spend rewards on upgrading and repairing the building. You can fight with your friends and strangers in this game, and there is a lot to do in this game.

As the name suggests, you have to win coins and after that you can spend those coins to build your village, which makes this game unique. There are villages for your friends in this game which you can attack or raid and if your village is better then you can conquer their villages in the game. This is what makes this game unique and distinct from other unofficial games released for mobile devices.

Every fight you do with others in the game will give you some money and spins that you can use to upgrade the village. As we can get it from its name, it is Coin Master, so the main objective of this game is based on coins, and all you have to do is collect them to advance in the game. The more rounds you will get in the game, the more coins will be awarded to you.

While fighting, you also need to protect your village from other attackers, and there are very frequent questions about how to protect our village from attackers. There are two ways to do this and a very popular way is to buy armor that will protect your village from other attackers. The other way is to hatch a rhinoceros egg, which will protect the village once the shields are broken.

This game is totally based on luck starting from baccarat to fight with other villagers; It depends on your luck in the prize you receive or which you win or lose in the battle. There are five shields for each building in this game and a unicorn that you can use to defend your village. When other players in the game attack you, you are also allowed to counter attack on them with the option to take revenge, and if your village is strong and your luck is going well, you can easily destroy their village.

Upgrades in the village

All buildings in this game support different types of upgrades, and the more you upgrade them to a higher level, the more they can withstand enemy attacks. Also, there are levels in this game where the player can advance to the next level once he finishes his level. Once you finish the PR level, completing the next level will be more difficult, which continues throughout the game. The developers of this game pushed an update in June 2020 as there are more than 266 levels in this game.

Development Villages give you some stars, but believe me; They don’t do anything in the game. You can collect it. The stars don’t do anything in the game, but you will get some coins to use in the slot machine in the game when you fight with other villages. When all these things come together, it provides a great experience in a normal mobile game, and if you love to play such games, I am sure you will love this game.

Sponsors and promotions

Coin Master is also sponsored by various tech and gambling companies, including 888 Holdings, a casino slot company, and tech giant Gigi Levy-Weiss. Of course, these sponsors have helped the developers a lot, and they have introduced some major changes to this game, making it even more interesting.

Moon Active has hired various celebrities to promote this game on the various platforms YouTube tops from. Chloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Scott Disick, and Jennifer Lopez promoted this game. Also, the company hired more characters and YouTubers to promote their game, and by doing so, they garnered great interest from users for this game.

The user interface of this game is very clean and easy to use as it comes with a hog that guides you throughout the game, like how to play where the things are but only when you launch the game for the first time. You can use a simple slot machine by just clicking on it, and it will roll and give you results according to your luck. It’s also easy to build a village because all the things come right in front of you, and all you have to do is drag and drop things.

As I mentioned before that this game was released ten years ago, but instead of launching new games the developers are still working on it. They are bringing some major and minor upgrades to this game for better user experience. They haven’t released any new game in ten years but they have bought many updates for this game.

We can expect that they will get more changes that users hate about this game, and it will also increase its rating and reviews in front of the players.

This game won the awards for the best international game of the year. From list, this game is ranked 20th of the 50 best games of 2019, no doubt, this is a great achievement for this type of mobile game. In 2019, this game received countless recommendations and references to Best Game of the Year or Most Profitable App on the Apples Apps Store, and this has become a success for this game.


So I conclude that Moon Active has not developed a host of games. Instead, the company has focused on just one game for years. They tried their best to provide the best experience for the users so that they could enjoy the game. Coin Master is a great idea to combine a casino-based slot game with a strategy village game, and it is all about the success of this game.

If you are interested in playing it, you can download it from the mobile store and invite your friends to this game and enjoy it. Users who do not have friends in this game can play it with strangers, but it will be better if you play this game with your family or friends. There are villages to conquer, many levels, collect chests cards, and many more things.

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