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How To Loot [Updated] (2020)✅

? How To Loot Free game

Hooray! “How To Loot” recently reached ⭐️100 000+⭐️ of installs on Google Play Store! We thank our loyal players and urge new players to join our fast growing community!

The most anticipated mobile puzzle offline game of the century inspired by many famous advertisements is finally implemented in the most challenging way.

Exercise your brain, solve tricky physics-based puzzles, pull the pins, rescue the princess and loot shiny treasures on a variety of handcrafted levels in a fantasy setting.

Funny characters and original story-line will make your experience even better!

“How To Loot” Features:
☆ Well known and satisfying “pull the pin” physics based game mechanics. Pour water into lava, drag sticks around, reveal and collect treasures and many more funny mechanics!
☆ Story driven adventure in a fantasy setting. Not like other “pull the pin” games, which may lack the final goal and have dummy-like characters, our game is totally different! Mysterious and amusing story of a princess and her companions won’t let you down!
☆ Several hilarious playable characters. Always play as a boring knight, eh? In our game you have a multitude of characters gradually introduced in the story and changing their appearance during the game!
☆ Epic boss fights! If you know any other “pull the pin” puzzles having boss battles – please send us a message 😉
☆ Hand crafted and challenging puzzles you won’t find in any game of this kind. If you like to solve “pull the pin” puzzles which fit on 1 screen and could be completed in a few seconds – our game might seem too challenging for you! In our game players might want to think carefully and sagaciously to set the princess free and collect all the gold. Real brain trainer!
☆ New set of tricky puzzles and a piece of intriguing story every 2-3 weeks. We don’t clone our puzzles from one another so it takes some time to make every level unique and challenging.
☆ Secret levels! Only the smartest players would be able to find them! Less than 5% of players are able to reveal even 1 secret and less than 1% can spot all secret levels!
☆ Photo share! Share your high score for any level (especially a secret one) with a nicely looking photo and impress your friends on Facebook or Twitter!

We guarantee this is the most challenging “pull the pin” rescue game available on the market! If you’ve been looking for a pull the pin puzzle offline game for a long time, you can finally calm down and play this game.

How To Loot 1.2.0 Update

Fixed the Privacy Policy link bug;
Improved Ads preloading experience.

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