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Netboom Play Cloud Gaming ????Top Free Game [Updated] (2020)

Netboom Play Cloud Gaming ????Top Free Game [Updated] (2020)

Welcome to  Netboom

❇️Have you heard of Google Stadia? Are you looking for a similar app to test? ❇️

If you want to play ????Fortnite, Apex Legends, LOL, Minecraft and numerous other games ON MOBILE, you are in the right place.
????Straight from the app, PLAY PC GAMES ON MOBILE. A platform you can actually play on, NOT only a game library of titles!

????????????Join now to get Thanksgiving special!

????️All games – Full access to all hottest PC games
Popular games on Steam/Origin/Blizzard… and even independent PC games! No need to wait for a mobile version of your dream games. Infinite game world, all with NetBoom!

????High graphic performance
Up to 4k, 60fps

????Play instant – Seamless & automatic update
No downloads, no install. All prepared and updated for you. Always the latest version!

????No new rigs
All on Android if you want! Run any game or software on your Mobile! No need to buy new hardware. Just download the 15 MB app – NetBoom, and that is all you need!

????Less latency
Down to 6ms

????Less cost
Starts from $1 per hour plus further DISCOUNT and BONUS.

????Flexible pay
Pay by the hour, only for the duration you actually played!

????All location
High-end gaming computer on the go! The phone you already own can function as an entire game PC. Gaming has never been so accessible! Traveling with your game console.

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