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Pin Pull – Ball Rescue [Updated] (2020)✅

? Pin Pull – Ball Rescue Free game

In this game of pin puzzle, your goal is to pull the pins in such a way that all the balls go into the pipe. Pin Pull – Ball Rescue is the most fun pin puzzle game of 2020 in town. With a mixture of both extraordinary graphics and new, innovative levels, this game is full of difficult hurdles and challenges. Workitout your way to the pipe by pulling the pins in the way. Don’t let the pins lolling around or the balls will never come down. Reassess your strategy if you pull the wrong pin and the balls move out in wrong direction. Pin Pull is the most fun gravity game and is obsessive enough to play. Take the gravity into account as the balls will be moving downwards.

This epic pin puzzle game of 2020 is obsessive due to its mind blowing graphics and challenging levels. The hurdles become more difficult to deal with at each new level. This game is a test for your brain. Don’t let the pins lolling around and pull them correctly as lolling the pin might let the balls go outside the pipe due to gravity. Always reassess your strategy before pulling the pin. You must workitout your way like a pro to win this splendid game of brains. There are bombs and colorless balls in each level. For the bombs, you have to reassess your strategy to pull the pins in such a way that the balls do not touch the bomb. If you let the pin lolling, it might touch the bomb and you will fail your level.

The game becomes tricky when there are colorless balls. You must touch the color balls first so that the balls could enter the pipe. Pulling the wrong pin might get you in trouble as the gravity might pull the balls out of the pipe. Workitout your way through this obsessive game of pin puzzle and reassess your decisions to pull the correct pin. The controls of this obsessive game are super easy. All you have to do is pull the pin in a direction opposite to where the pin face is. The best pin puzzle game of 2020 that requires your brain to work at full capacity to workitout the balls through the pipe.

Pin Pull – Ball Rescue 1.2 Update

– 300+ Addictive Levels
– Game Improvements
– More Rewards

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