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Teen Patti Superstar: Online 3 Patti Indian Poker APK

The description of Teen Patti Superstar: Online 3 Patti Indian Poker

Be a Tin Patti SUPERSTAR with Superstar Teen Patti’s all new “Leader Mode”!

With the leader mode, you get to be the dealer and select the mode of the teenpatti game. If you select variation of the week, winner gets twice the pot.

Superstar Teen Patti also comes with LIVE CASINO where you play live tin patti with a real teen patti host who chat & interact with you throughout the game.

Superstar Teen Patti game, online 3patti Indian poker, is World’s #1 Live TeenPatti game app. Play ultimate ten Patti & be a 3 Patti, three card poker SUPERSTAR.

Teen Patti game, 3 Patti, Indian Poker, or Three Card Poker is an ultimate teen patti flush card game. It is also known as teenpatti, 3patti, Indian teen patti game, three cards poker game, 3 cards poker, 3 pati, teen patti flush, Flush, Flash, teen patti club, teen pati, तीन पत्ती, tp, three patti. It’s one of the most popular game of taash or taas.
People usually misspell Teen Patti as teen pati, tin patti, tin pati, ten patti, teen patti teen patti, ten pati, 3patti, 3pati, 3card game, tinpatti, tenpatti, or 3cards game.

Get FREE CHIPS in 3 card poker – Superstar Teen Patti online three card poker game!
– Initial Chips: Download 3 Patti & get upto 2,50,000 FREE CHIPS!
– Daily Rewards: Get upto 2,00,000 FREE BONUS CHIPS daily!
– Lucky Draw: Win upto 10 CRORE FREE CHIPS every day!
– Weekly Winner Chips: Get upto 10 CRORE FREE CHIPS every week!

– Play 3 patti live
– Tables up to 7 players
– Private Table: Create private tables & play tin patti with invited players only
– Live in-game chat & exciting gifts
– Beats slow internet connections. Works FAST even on 2G!
– Teenpatti Variations like Open Flash, Royal, Hukum, Bluff & many more
– Mini Games like Matka, Hi-Lo, Scratch Card & Lucky Draw

– Open Flash: Fastest Tin Patti variation
– Private Table: Play Live teen patti online on a private table with 7 players
– Play with Hukam/Joker: Use Joker to make a ten patti pair, sequence, color and trail
– Blind Mode: No need to say, “Please Play Blind”. All player must play blind
– Play On Table: The only game that lets you play on your Favorite Table
– No Limit Table: Play on a teen patti table with No Limit. CHAAL as much as you can. No auto-show! No restriction!

How to Win TeenPatti?
In Teen Pati app or 3 Patti live casino game, players take turns betting chips on who has the best 3 card hand. Each player has option to bet without looking at their cards (BLIND) or bet after looking (CHAAL). Player with the highest-ranking hand in 3 card poker wins the total chips bet (POT).

Ranking of Teen Pati, three cards poker live casino game, high to low:
1. Trail/Trio/Set/Three of a Kind: 3 Cards of same rank
2. Pure Sequence/Pure Run/Straight Flush: 3 consecutive poker cards of same suit
3. Sequence/Normal Run/Straight: 3 consecutive poker cards not all in same suit
4. Color/Flush: 3 cards of same suit that are not in sequence
5. Pair: 2 cards of same rank
6. High Card: 3 cards that don’t belong to the above types

You can play Superstar Teen Patti Teen Patti, online 3 patti – three card poker in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.

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In SuperStar Teen Patti, online ten patti casino game, chips/gold have no real cash value. 3 patti online app, STP don’t involve real gambling. It is completely free. If you lose your chips, you can buy more chips. This online teen patti game is intended for adults & don’t offer real money/gold gambling or any opportunity to win real money/gold/prizes. Any success in Superstar Teen Patti – Online Casino Game is not indicative of future success at real money gambling.

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What’s new

– New Variations Introduced
– Enhanced table graphics
– Performance Improvement in R&B Live Casino feature
– Daily Bonus flow updated
– Play blind on Premium Table
– Enhanced Login Screen
– Enhanced game experience
– Bug Fixes



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