Top 5 games like Minecraft on Android 2021

Minecraft is a culture of its own, and saying there are games like Minecraft would be wrong. However, there are things about Minecraft that some people don’t like but generally like the idea. If you want actual Minecraft for Android, you can download Minecraft here! The official Minecraft app now has cross-platform support for PC and Xbox One, and it’s getting tough for competitors to keep up. However, for those who want to try something different, here are the best games like Minecraft for Android.


Price: Free to play

The Blockheads is a 2D / 3D mix game which is a mix between a standard Minecraft game and a platform game. She also has a Sims feel to it. You will need to ensure that the Blockhead eats, sleeps, and remains relatively healthy. Like Minecraft, you can gather resources, craft and explore a procedurally generated world. You can even do things like paint or donkey ride. It’s not quite the same as Minecraft, but the similarities definitely exist. Those looking for simpler games like Minecraft can probably start here.



Price: Free / $1.99

LostMiner is very similar to Terraria. It uses 2D gameplay but still includes things like mining, building, and crafting various things. You can also find villains, animals, and other items while playing. The graphics won’t win any prizes, but it fits the game style fairly well. Most of the complaints are bug-related but this is a standalone game so a little bit expected. However, the game is relatively inexpensive and surprisingly fun.


Pixel Worlds

Price: Free to play

Pixel Worlds is a fun mix of MMO and Minecraft (or more specifically Terraria). Players play in a 2D world with different mining mechanics and crafting. However, there are also dungeons to explore and other things. What makes it unique is the inclusion of other players in the game. You can join already running servers or start your own for other players to join. It’s a unique experience and it’s also cross-platform with PC and Mac computers.


Survivalcraft 1 and 2

Price: $3.99

Survivalcraft is one of the closest Minecraft games you can find. You end up anchored on the shore of the planet’s mass. The goal is to build things, make things, make weapons, defend yourself, grow plants and all of that stuff. This also goes to that special step forward where you can build working machines that actually do things. Plus, you can play with up to three players in split-screen mode if you’re playing on a device that can handle it. Survivalcraft 2 hasn’t seen an update since 2017 so we’re a little concerned about giving it up, but it is playing fine for now.



Price: $4.99

Terraria is Minecraft’s closest competitor. It has a lot of the same elements including mining, crafting, survival and the accidental boss killing. However, this happens in a 2D space instead of in a 3D space like Minecraft. The game includes multiplayer with up to seven other players, more than 20 lively areas to explore, various NPCs to search for, and more. This hasn’t been here for a year or two because it hasn’t received updates in a very long time. However, it looks like the developers are back at the ball now. This is also free with Google Play Pass if you use it.


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