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War For Kingship: AFK Idle Game ????Top Free Game ♛ [Updated] (2020) ✅

War For Kingship: AFK Idle Game ????Top Free Game ♛ [Updated] (2020) ✅

Welcome to  War For Kingship: AFK Idle Game

Join players from around the world in War for Kingship: AFK Idle Game for the adventure of your life time as you explore the mythical world of Altair! Recruit and form your personal band of legendary heroes to battle the destruction dragon and its evil forces!

In time of peace, the destruction dragon rised and brought upon chaos onto the world… Its time for the legendary summoners and heroes to battle for Kingship, where they will lead their forces to end their evil plans and stop the forces of darkness!


Altair is home to over hundreds of Heroes, as well as evil monsters!
Recruit your favorite heroes from the popular series, with 6 different clans to choose from!
Reach the end game by growing and training your very own legendary team to save the world from formidable foes and total destruction!

Get your Heroes to train and explore on their own while you are away or offline.
Return back to see their growth from the explorations and expeditions~ Simple and easy!
Get loots with ease even when you are away from your keyboard or mobile phones, loads of rewards and surprises await you!

Strategize by placing your heroes in very different formations.
Dispatch them as you wish, utilize your very own special combinations and arrays to crush your opponents!
Show no mercy, use your foresight to climb the leaderboard and become the #1 summoner in the continent who devises the best strategy for battle!

This is not just an idle game, WFK is an AFK game with some twists!
Tons of content await, with many gameplay modes and challenges!
Battle your way to the top of the Arena for the throne, become the KING and CHAMPION that everyone dreams of!

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FREE Heroes from the Frozen Throne and amazing gifts from Azeroth await your arrival~ What are you waiting for? Time to lay your hands on those treasures and artifacts from the War3 fantasy era!

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