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warzone 2 [Updated] (2020)✅

? warzone 2 Free game

warZone2 is a top down multiplayer shooting lan game heavily inspired by counter strike, CS2D and 2DStike. You can create your own level using inbuilt level editor. You can also upload your level and download levels created by other players.

More content will be added in coming update. Please report bugs so that i can fix them.
This is an open source project – source
Made using Godot Engine.

warzone 2 1.43_B Update

Warzone v1.43_b

New Features
-Added Tile picker tool in level editor
-New tileset “aztec”
-Level Editor UI tweaks
-Major gameplay changes
–Reduced zoom
–Reduced game pacing

Bug Fixes
-Redmi devices crash fixed
-Minimap bug fixed
-“Complex” tileset wall bug fixed
-Optimised A.I pathfinding, may improve performance

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