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WordForm (NEW!) – A Random Letter Word Game [Updated] (2020)✅

? WordForm (NEW!) – A Random Letter Word Game Free game

A simple word game in which the player finds/creates as many words as they can given a random set of letters.

Connect to Google Play Games to compare your stats and scores with your friends and the world! This will also allow you to save your progress and info to the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing your stats or hints.

Challenge your brain and grow your lexicon with 4 exciting game modes to choose from:

You are given 7 letters and a game board filled with all possible words (hidden until you guess them). The colored dashes seen on the board indicate the size of the word hidden behind them. Get as many words as you can before the timer runs out!

** CLASSIC+ **
Identical to Classic mode except with 8 letters given instead of 7. Similar but more challenging!

** SUPER **
A supersized game mode in which you are given 12 letters, two of which offer bonus points – 2x and a 3x word score multipliers. In this mode, time increases as you get words, so you can rack up a super score!

** BLITZ **
A competitive version of Super where the timer is locked at 3 minutes. Timer cannot be turned off in this mode and getting words will not increase your time. Check the leaderboards to see how you stack up!


Customization options:
* Timer – may be disabled in the settings if you prefer a more casual play style. Timer cannot be turned off for Blitz mode.

* Language Filter – allows you to eliminate inappropriate words from the game based on your desired maturity level (PG, PG-13, or None).

* Standard or Extended Dictionary – Standard contains significantly fewer obscure words, so it is recommended for the typical player. This only applies to Classic and Classic+ games; Super and Blitz always use Extended.

* Word Ordering – affects the order in which words appear on the board (Classic & Classic+ only). By default, words will be uncovered in the order that you find them. Alphabetical ordering can be used to make the game easier, since hidden words can be deduced based on the uncovered words surrounding it.


Because this app is very new, it is likely to have some issues at first. If you experience any, let me know about it and I will work on fixing it as soon as possible. Constructive feedback and suggestions are encouraged. If you like the game, leave a review!

Thanks and enjoy!

WordForm 1.0.4 Update

fixed two super/blitz bugs

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