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Wordscapes Search ???? Free Game [Updated] (2020)

The description of Wordscapes Search

Would you like to relax, exercise your brain, and expand your vocabulary-all at the same time? With Wordscapes Search , the NEWEST game from the makers of Wordscapes, you can! These incredibly addicting word search puzzles are brain blasting fun! Connect letters to find every word on the board and sail through thousands of classic puzzle levels set against stunning nature backgrounds. Training your brain has never been easier —or more relaxing. Once you start playing, you just won’t be able to put it down!

➤Escape and train your brain by visiting the beautiful destinations of Wordscapes Search !
➤CHALLENGE your brain and vocabulary
➤LOTS OF LEVELS. Play 1000’s of puzzle board levels- with more coming soon
➤EARN POWER-UPS. Use boosters to find words when you get stuck
➤ COLLECT BONUS POINTS. Find extra words to earn rewards
➤ Think you can find every word? These word search puzzles are easy at the start, but get challenging fast!

Wordscapes Search User Reviews:

“Very Relaxing! Can’t stop playing !!”
“I absolutely love this game! It’s soothing, relaxing and calming.”

“I love it ……I play for hours. It relaxes me after a hard day’s work.”
“This game has helped me so much. When I’ve had a long day this game just makes me forget it. Brilliant game !!”

“Really fun…BEWARE!!! It’s addictive!!! (in a good way)”
“I like a good challenge. A great game for keeping the mind sharp. Addicting! You just want to keep playing more”

“Really nice game to use while waiting for an appointment or just relaxing at home with a warm blanket and coffee.”
“Great way to kill time at the doctor’s office, on the bus, and at the DMV.”
“Beautiful scenery! A calm word search puzzle to help get through the longest check out line!”

“It helps me with vocabulary, spelling, learning, and more!”
“it’s fun, educational, and it uses your brain to your fullest extent. Great game and great overall experience”

Calling all brainiacs, quiz whizzes, puzzle pros, and crossword fiends! If you like to relax and unwind with a crossword puzzle, trivia and quiz games, board games, scrabble, or solitaire —you’ll love Wordscapes Search! It’s easy at first, but gets challenging fast. Can you beat the game? Start playing and find out!

Wordscapes Search is a modern twist on classic word search puzzles, combining the best features of crossword, scrabble style, word find, and word connect puzzle games. This BRAND NEW word game is proudly brought to you by PeopleFun, the makers of Wordscapes. Join the PeopleFun family and connect with us!

A bit of trivia….
Quick quiz! How many words are in the English language? Answer: about 170,000 in current use. And how many words are in the average person’s vocabulary? Answer: between 20 and 30 thousand. Is your vocabulary above average? Start training your brain and become a word search brainiac: download Wordscapes Search and start your word puzzle adventure today! With 1000’s of puzzle board levels you’ll never be bored!

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